Andrea Pirlo Explodes After Defeat

Andrea Pirlo, Juventus manager, spoke after the side’s defeat to Juventus and acknowledged the lack of attitude that he saw in his players. The manager was very critical of their way of playing.

Inter Milan beat Juventus by a clear 2-0. A result that ended the patience of Andrea Pirlo, who acknowledged the passiveness of some of the players to the media.


“We were too passive, as if we had not gone out on to the field. We were too low, scared, and in our head we only thought about the defensive phase, without being aggressive”, he said.

“We were not aggressive and that is why these difficulties came. The first responsible is the coach and I assume all the responsibilities if the team has not done what was prepared”, the Italian acknowledged.

He is now thinking about the Super Cup against Napoli, but Pirlo endorsed the need to turn the situation around for the next Juventus matches.

“Our ambitions are the same, even after a misstep against a strong team. What cannot happen is that we have this attitude”, he ended.

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