TWICE Have Shared An Opening Trailer For Their Forthcoming 11th Mini Album ‘Between 1&2’

The 53 second clip depicts the nine-member girl group divided into three separate units, namely ‘Pathfinder’, ‘Archive’ and ‘Cryptography’. They are seemingly operating as spies, and are equipped with multiple gadgets.

‘Between 1&2’ will mark TWICE’s first Korean-language release of the year, following their last album release in November 2021, ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’. It will be made up of seven tracks – ‘Talk That Talk’, ‘Queen of Hearts’, ‘Basics’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Brave’, ‘Gone’ and ‘When We Were Kids’.

Last week (August 4), TWICE unveiled the official timeline of the mini album’s promotional plans leading up to its release date on August 26. It kicks off with the release of this opening trailer, followed by the two concept photos that will drop on August 17 and 18 respectively.

A snippet ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘Brave’ will be then shared on August 19, followed by an ‘album sneak peak’ on August 23, and music video teasers on August 24 and 25. It culminates with the release of the mini album on August 26, and a Comeback Live & MTV Fresh Out Live performance on the same day.

Notably, ‘Trouble’ was written and co-composed by the leader of the group, Jihyo. It’s the second time she has done so for TWICE, after composing ‘Cactus’ from their last album release. Two other members have also been credited for songwriting on the project, Chaeyoung and Dahyun – the former writing ‘Basics’ while the latter penned ‘Gone’ and ‘When We Were Kids’.

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