PlayStation 5 Pro Speculation Spreads Online, Players Respond

If you are a gamer, you most likely own either the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5. Regrettably, even now, the PlayStation 5 is difficult to obtain. Since the beginning of the epidemic, there have been numerous supply chain concerns.

As a result of these many issues, Sony has found it impossible to create as many consoles as they would want. Gamers are the most vulnerable because there is so little stock accessible for them. That is an extremely frustrating aspect of life that appears to be improving. At the very least, a little.

Despite these issues, it is being reported by Insider Gaming that yet another new PlayStation 5 is on the way. Typically, during the middle of a console generation, Microsoft and Sony create upgrades for their existing ranges. Well, that is what seems to be happening here with the PlayStation 5 Pro. This is a console that is meant to be less expensive to produce, which will be good for both Sony and its consumers. Moreover, there will be some spec updates. However, the extent of these updates is still unknown.

PlayStation 5 Pro On The Way?

It is also being reported that this console will be released in 2024. Although some might find this to be good news, most gamers are skeptical. One big concern here is the fact that we could see a price increase. Moreover, there are very few games for the PlayStation 5 right now, which makes a new console very redundant. There were various other concerns from gamers. For instance, one user said “What’s the point of a PS5 Pro and/or a Xbox Series X|S 2 Last gen needed the hardware upgrade as 1080p/60 should have been the standard but this gen we can do 4K, we can do 60fps and some ray tracing.”

At this point, it feels like fans would rather just get the PlayStation 6. At least then, there would be some real innovation. However, creating a new console right now feels a bit premature.

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