Nicki Minaj Reacts To Cardi B Fans’ Photoshop Work

Nicki Minaj may be gearing up for a new period in her career, but some old feuds, most notably with Cardi B, continue to haunt her. Since the “Bodak Yellow” star’s breakthrough success, she and Nicki Minaj have fought to coexist together.

Several women dominating hip-hop at the same time is not as typical as it is with their male counterparts. While Nicki is a legend, she hasn’t always done a good job of embracing the generation that followed after her.

After Nicki shared the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” music video trailer, Nicki found herself facing off against Bardi Gang. Cardi’s devoted fanbase couldn’t help but troll the “Super Freaky Girl” due to an apparent photoshop fail. Fans noticed the image curved. Eventually, the call-out landed on Nicki’s page, where she unleashed on the Bronx MC. “Photoshop them bars,” she wrote in reference to Cardi’s writers. “Photoshop them sales,” she added after Queen Radio Vol. 1 extended its record as the longest-running female rap project released in 2022 on the Billboard 200.

Nicki Minaj Targets Cardi B Or Megan Thee Stallion?

The Queen is back in action and she’s making it known that her five year hiatus is officially done. It’s been half a decade since Queen dropped but with her forthcoming project, she insists that she’s coming for it all. “2023 not the year to play wit ONIKA TANYA MARAJ PETTY RED RUBY DA MF SLEEZE CHUN-Li NICKI MINAJ NICKI DA NINJA NICK DA HARAJUKU BARBIE. 40. Yup. 40’s wit 30 clips. FN’s wit da switch” she tweeted.


While Russ applauded Nicki’s consistency, others felt as though Nicki’s tweets may have targeted one of her adversaries besides Cardi B. Over the past few months, Nicki’s relationship with Megan Thee Stallion crumbled but it was a flurry of bars on “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” that were suspected of targeting Meg. On the song, Nicki seemingly makes references to the Tory Lanez trial, as well as the most obvious bar where she raps that she hasn’t “f*cked with horses since Christopher Reeves.”  Check out Nicki’s tweets below.

“Photoshop These Bars,” Says Nicki

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