Natalia Bryant Gives An Emotional Statement About Kobe: Watch

Natalia Bryant is Kobe Bryant’s eldest daughter. Natalia has worked to respect her father’s memory since his and Gianna’s deaths in 2020. In this way, she and her mother Vanessa have been a dynamic duo.

Their dedication to Kobe and his legacy has been inspiring, and they have showed tremendous strength throughout this crisis. Despite the fact that things have been exceedingly challenging, they have managed to remain calm throughout. Even when others are seeking to exploit you.

Recently, the Bryant family was at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, according to TMZ. For those who may not remember, Kobe had his hand and footprints cast inside of the theatre back in 2011. Over the years, his prints had been on display inside the theatre. Now, however, they are moving the prints to the forecourt so that everyone can see them. This subsequently led to a nice ceremony in which Natalia Bryant was able to give a speech. As you can see below, the speech was incredibly moving.


Natalia Bryant Honors Kobe

“I’m honored to be here today to recognize the man we all knew and love, my dad, Kobe Bryant,” Bryant said. “When most people knew him as a basketball player or storyteller, I got to know him and love him as my dad and let me tell you, he’s the MVP of girl dads, to say the least. As you visit here for years to come, I encourage you to place your hands in his and take a moment to stand in his shoes.” This was a very nice and moving speech that certainly had people reminiscing about Kobe.

Overall, this is a very cool move by the TCL Chinese Theatre. There have been many famous people to walk through its doors, and these prints are part of history. Moreover, this is all in Hollywood, which is not far from where the Lakers played all of their home games. It’s one of those moves that just makes a whole lot of sense.

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