Muni Long’s Debut Album ‘Public Displays Of Affection: The Album’ Is Available Now

Muni Lung (formerly known as Priscilla Renea) has released her first full-length project, Public Displays of Affection: The Album. The LP arrives on Long’s Supergiant Records imprint in partnership with Def Jam.

Public Displays of Affection: The Album includes seven songs from her sophomore 2021 EP (Public Displays of Affection), including the smash hit “Hrs and Hrs” and the Ann Marie-assisted “No R&B.”

Muni Long Public Displays of Affection back cover

In a 2021 interview with Rated R&B, Long shared how she came up with the concept for “Hrs and Hrs.“

“This one is just a vibe. I was washing dishes, and it was just a very monotonous task. I hate cleaning up. So I decided to listen to some tracks while I was washing dishes. This one came up, and I just started freestyling.

I would every now and then use my elbow to start it over from the top. I think I wrote the song in maybe 20 minutes. I went in the studio a couple of days later and recorded it. It’s probably my favorite song to sing live. It’s just so beautiful,” she explained.

Her new album also collects all five tracks from Public Displays of Affection Too, such as the Saweetie-featured “Baby Boo,” plus five new original songs.

“Conversation” is one of the five new tracks. Here, Long wants to get some context behind a concerned partner’s facial cues and emotions.

Contrary to its title, “Lemons” is not a sour ballad of heartbreak but one that is sweet and full of pure delight about a deep romance. Whereas “Butterfly Effect” speaks of a love that never took off the ground.

Long shared of the new album, “I’ve spent so many hours crafting this, putting my heart and soul into every track. I want to give you all more of what you love and deserve. These songs, these stories, and these experiences are fueled by love and affection; that of which I have for all of you.”

Long recently appeared on two albums, including John Legend‘s eighth effort, LEGEND, and Tink’s Pillow Talk. On the former set, she collaborated with the EGOT winner for “Honey,” a top ten single on Billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart.

She teamed with Tink for a duet titled “Mine,” which takes its inspiration from Brandy and Monica’s Grammy-winning song “The Boy is Mine.”


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