Lizzo Unveils Brand-New Look On Instagram

We enjoy keeping up with Lizzo’s fashion. Whether she’s twerking in a stunning bikini, putting her own take on a contentious Y2K trend, or dressing up as an iconic figure, the About Damn Time singer knows how to keep things interesting. Now, the Yitty founder has shown her most recent look on Instagram, and we almost didn’t recognize her.

Overnight, Lizzo uploaded a mini photo-dump of her out and about enjoying a coffee. The best part? The froth on top of the hot drink featured some trippy art with the singer looking back at her very own face. It’s a whole inception-style moment which Lizzo can’t help laughing at as she takes a sip. Now I want my face printed on top of my morning latte, but I digress.

In the post, Lizzo also reps a totally different aesthetic. Wearing a black and grey coat over a crew neck style shirt, this ensemble is giving corporate chic goddess. The 34-year-old accessorises the combo with a pair of statement angular cat-eye sunglasses and we are LIVING for it.

As for beauty details, Lizzo goes for a Y2K-esque hairstyle, featuring blonde highlights and plennnnnnnty of layers. Manicure-wise, we’re also loving those long French tip nails.

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Yep, we can’t wait to see what Lizzo wears next!


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