Leonardo Dicaprio Has Gone Viral After A Night Out Clubbing In Miami

The actor was seen in the Lounge at Gekko in Miami throwing some shapes on the dancefloor. Another reveller at the night spot, which is owned by rapper Bad Bunny, captured DiCaprio mid-dance in a video.

The video started to gain traction when it was posted on TikTok [see the video below], with users commenting on the Oscar-winner’s moves. Some users said the actor’s dancing was “hilarious”, but others defended the actor – saying he was just “chillin’”.

The video, posted by the account @livinmiami305, was captioned: “Leonardo DiCaprio just vibing in Miami at Gekko in Brickell.” The short clip shows DiCaprio in a black cap smoking a cigarette and waving his hand about in the air as music pumps.

The Departed actor appeared to be with a group of friends. As the actor’s gaze begins to travel to the person recording they quickly dip the device they’re filming on. The post has to date gained 261,000 views.


Users on the social media app were quick to give a verdict on the video. Many appeared to be unimpressed with the Hollywood A-Lister’s moves. “Leo dancing to this song is hilarious,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Why does he dance like my grandpa[?]” However, there were others who came to DiCaprio’s defence. “He got the moves like in Wolf of Wall Street,” one user responded, referencing his highly praised turn as Jordan Belfort. Another added: “He’s chillin let him live.”

Another video was shared to the same account earlier, showing DiCaprio in the same outfit in clearer light. He was captured shaking hands with a group of people on the street. The video’s caption reads: “Leonardo DiCaprio spotted last night at Icon Brickell in Miami.”

Elsewhere, it was recently revealed that DiCaprio nearly missed out on his role in Titanic after he refused to do a screen test with co-star Kate Winslet. James Cameron, who directed the 1997 disaster film, recalled the incident in a recent interview.

Cameron revealed that the actor initially refused to do a screen test with co-star Winslet. Rather than allowing the actor to call the shots, the Avatar director thanked him for his work and left him the option to record a screen test or leave – DiCaprio filmed the screen test immediately.

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