Kardashian Clan Is Worried Kanye West May Be Headed Towards Another Pubic Meltdown

According to sources close to the family, Kanye is irked over Kim spending time with the SNL comedian.

“Everybody in the family is worried about how Kanye will react to Kim spending so much time with Pete,” one source said to Page Six.

“Kanye recently said he still wants to be with her, so he can’t be taking this well,” said the insider.


As per insiders, the rumoured couple was ‘genuinely affectionate’ towards each other amid their dinner date in NYC.

Shortly after, Kanye unfollowed Kim on Instagram while wiping his followers list clean.

“He just unfollowed her on Instagram, but we think it’s only a matter of time until Kanye has an outburst,” a source revealed, noting that some in the Kardashian camp are “wondering why” Kim is spending so much time with Pete.

“Yes he’s a funny guy, but she must know how Kanye could react,” added the source.

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