Jennifer Lopez Releases New Album ‘This Is Me… Now’

Jennifer Lopez has stated that her upcoming album ‘This Is Me… Now’ will be released in 2023.

The announcement comes after Lopez wiped her Instagram channel and changed her profile to black. Fans speculated that an announcement about new music was coming and they were right.

In a post on Lopez’s socials she’s shared a teaser that shows 2002’s ‘This Is Me… Then’ morphing into ‘This Is Me… Now’ and offers fans a snippet of the title track. In her post Lopez also confirmed the track listing as:

1.This Is Me … Now

2. To Be Yours

3. Mad in Love

4. Can’t Get Enough

5. Rebound

6. not. going. anywhere.

7. Dear Ben pt. ll

8. Hummingbird

9. Hearts and Flowers

10. Broken Like Me

11. This Time Around

12. Midnight Trip to Vegas

13. Greatest Love Story Never Told

‘This Is Me… Then’ was Lopez’s album about her then fiancé Ben Affleck and the new record will arrive following Lopez and Affleck’s reunion and subsequent marriage, 20 years later.

Eagle-eyed fans will notice that one of the tracks on the new records is ‘Dear Ben pt. II’, which is the follow-up to ‘This Is Me… Then’ album track ‘Dear Ben’.

No more information has been made available at the time of writing this and it’s unclear if there will be any features on the record, but as Lopez has always been a collaborative artist we’re sure there’ll be some guests on there.

Check out Lopez’s social post about the record below:

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