Jason Lee Says Coi Leray Was Irritated About His Chat With Blueface And Chrisean Rock

Coi Leray’s purported response to one of Jason Lee’s most recent interviews is the topic of his latest tea-related leak. The Jason Lee Show, a new initiative for Hollywood Unlocked’s creator, is now airing. He has sat down with a number of celebrities in the first few episodes, including Cardi B, Remy Ma, Blac Chyna, La La Anthony, Lunell, Laverne Cox, and more. The blogger claims that Leray was more interested in Leray’s conversation with Blueface and Chrisean.

In an interview with Breakbeat Media, Lee recalled being in bed listening to music when Leray’s latest hit “Players” came on. “I said, ‘This is cute.’ I’m not on TikTok, but I f*ck with Coi Leray. I think she’s cute, I think she’s—Coi, you know I love you. I just unfollowed her though; I’ll tell you why.” He also shared that once he told this story, there was a good chance Leray wouldn’t speak with him again.

Jason Lee’s Chat With Blueface & Chrisean Caught Coi’s Attention


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“Let me preface this, and this is the part where people struggle with liking me. I love her, I love her movement, I love all her TikTok energy, I love that she stands for body positivity for young women with small bodies. So, I have ‘The Jason Lee Show.’ Cardi B’s the first guest. I’m in my room in New York [and ‘Players’ is on], and I post it. Genuinely, it’s free promo, I don’t ever post sh*t for free. I gotta get paid for everything. I just did it ’cause I liked it. Tagged it, [Coi] reposted it. She followed me, I followed her.”

However, things took a turn when he began teasing his interview with Blueface and Chrisean Rock. “She called me like, ‘I wanna do the show, but that’s not a good look. You big, you influential, you that n*gga. We want to celebrate you. You just had a big interview with Cardi B, and then you interview Blueface and Chrisean?’ I said, Coi, I’m in the business of interviewing people. So, like—and Blueface and Chrisean are gonna do numbers ’cause they’re hot right now.

Coi Leray & Blueface’s Dating Past

Lee may have his ear to the streets, but he missed that brief time in late 2020 when Blue and Leray were spotted around Los Angeles together. In December of that year, TMZ even shared photos of them at a Hollywood eatery, trying to keep away from the cameras as they spent time together. Elsewhere, the pair of rappers even shared a video where it looked as if they were getting close, but things didn’t materialize.

According to Lee, Chrisean said she wanted to beat up Coi Leray. He says Coi “tainted the relationship that you coulda built ’cause you were mad at Blueface and Chrisean for coming on the show.” Check out the clip of Jason Lee above.

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