Ice Spice Chain Was Not Taken; TikTok Jokes

Social media users will go to any length to get more views, even if it means pretending to commit a crime. Fans were concerned after a TikTok video of a man claiming to have stolen Ice Spice’s chain went viral on Wednesday (March 29), but that video appears to be a hoax and a way to generate fake engagement. Furthermore, the video features two men, one of whom holds up a chain with the word “Queen” and claims it belongs to the “Munch” hitmaker.

While many slammed the alleged perpetrators in the comments, a lot of people also said that it was clearly a joke. Apparently, some took it a little more seriously than others. Still, as one of the biggest artists right now, it’s understandable that so many came to her defense swiftly. At the end of the day, it seemed like two guys making a targeted video in jest, as much as people blasted them for stealing a woman’s jewelry. After all, they laugh while imitating her “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” flow at the end, so hopefully they mean this more in jest than to get a reaction from her.

Stolen Ice Spice Chain On TikTok Is Fake


Speaking of which, the iHeart Radio Awards presenter hasn’t reacted or posted about the fake chain snatching as of writing this article. However, it’s fair to say she was pretty unfazed by it in the first place. According to TMZ, a source close to Ice Spice claimed that she never owned the allegedly stolen “Queen” chain in the first place. That’s more of a Nicki Minaj term, and the 23-year-old’s signature chain she wore during her rise actually reads “Isis,” her birth name.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice also dominates TikTok to begin with. No matter how hard people might try to take advantage of her name, nothing will be as big as her own creations and influence on the platform. Whether it’s her music playing everywhere or clips of her hanging out with North West and Kim Kardashian, she’s there for a good time, not a fake one.

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