Doja Cat’s Red Crystal Appearance Incites Trypophobia – Fear Of Holes

Doja Cat’s Paris Fashion Week style has piqued everyone’s interest, but many claim it has triggered their trypophobia.

The Say So singer wore an all-red outfit and covered herself in 30,000 crystals from head to toe, including her whole face.

She sported the daring look for the Schiaparelli show, an eccentric French fashion house founded by an Italian designer.

The 27-year-old’s outfit, which took almost five hours to complete, is being applauded by many, but others can’t stand the look.

That’s because they have a fear of holes…

Trypophobia is the fear of closely packed holes, circles or bumps, a phobia that lots of people online mutually seem to have.

Healthline explains the name was first introduced on a web forum in 2005 and combines the Greek words ‘trypa’, which means punching or drilling holes with ‘phobia’ – a fear or aversion.

People who have trypophobia feel odd, queasy or don’t like looking at surfaces with clusters of tiny holes, like sponges, strawberries, and Doja Cat’s outfit.

Her haute couture look was covered in thousands of tiny circle crystals which many found very uncomfortable to look at.

After Doja debuted her look, fans instantly began taking to Twitter to discuss their trypophobia.

One person wrote: “That Doja picture you’ll got on the TL triggering my trypophobia so bad.”

“How do I mute those pics of Doja PLEASE my trypophobia can’t take it anymore,” said another.

A third person added: “Doja is giving me goosebumps but not the good kind. It’s triggering my trypophobia… I feel itchy.”

“I love her so much but Doja’s jewelled red look is giving me trypophobia,” someone else tweeted.

Another tweeted: “Doja cat’s outfit really triggered my trypophobia and I hate this feeling!!!!”

The woman behind the epic look, makeup artist Pat McGrath, revealed the design was called ‘Doja’s Inferno’ and took exactly four hours and 58 minutes to create.

She applauded the singer’s “sublime patience” and said the 30,000 Swarovski crystals were hand applied, creating a “magical, mesmerising masterpiece of sparkling brilliance”.


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