Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy Has Blueface Wondering: “It’s Haunting Me From”

The Blueface and Chrisean Rock saga is far from over. As the couple prepares to have their first child together, tensions have risen to new heights. This week, Blue and Rock began hurling insults at one other on social media.

Whilst this is nothing new, they added some extremely personal details to the timeline surrounding their unborn child. Blue has previously questioned if the child is his, while Chrisean Rock has pledged to give birth in the hopes that a newborn will improve her life.

However, it seems like Chrisean Rock’s had a change of mind in recent days. During a live stream, she suggested that she might have an abortion, which Blueface didn’t oppose. The “Thotiana” rapper even went on to offer $100K for her to go through with the procedure. However, Chrisean Rock later clarified that she “only like da beef cuz it’s with my favorite person.” Blueface argued that her tweet basically proved his point that he isn’t the “problem” in their relationship.

Blueface Wonders If Chrisean Rock’s Pregnancy Is A Hoax

Chrisean Rock’s struggles with alcohol and her mental health have been a point of concern for Blueface and its fans. However, since announcing her pregnancy, she has publicly refrained from drinking liquor for the most part. That is until last night, apparently. Blueface retweeted a video of Chrisean Rock at a Miami club where the person filming states, “She’s drunk,” as she stumbles to take a seat. “Is she pregnant or not or is she drinking while pregnant I’m confused now,” Blueface tweeted.

Blueface’s doubts surrounding Chrisean Rock’s pregnancy extend well beyond the recent video. Blueface previously accused Chrisean of sleeping with 10 different men that he felt could also be the father. Though Chrisean denied it, the rapper explained why her pregnancy announcement is now weighing heavily on him. “I’ve only seen her pee on a stick once I tried not to think about it since then but it’s haunting me fr,” he tweeted. At this point, Chrisean Rock hasn’t responded to him on Twitter, likely because they still have each other blocked. We’ll keep you posted on any more update surrounding these two.

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