Chris Brown Refers To Himself As A “Rizz God”

“rizz” is one of the Internet’s new favorite words these days, albeit it’s probably already old to some people. In any case, it means “charisma” in the most basic sense, and it’s a meme these days because… well, how could it not be? Whatever the case may be, Chris Brown recently labeled himself a “Rizz God” in an Instagram video.

Of course, the singer’s subsequent investigations, resurfaced charges, and online reckoning call into question any semblance of charisma. Yet, as he continues to travel the world and win new followers everywhere he goes, his assertion is unfortunately unavoidable.

Furthermore, the R&B star’s been in the middle of a lot of backlash and controversy these past few weeks. It all started, seemingly, when Chlöe announced a collab with him. After fans responded with Brown’s history of abuse and violence, he went on various rants and beefed with everyone from Kiely Williams to a gaggle of white celebrities that he posted online. In fact, things seem to balance out between an accusation or attack at him, and waves of defensive fans online. Despite the negativity and adoration, Brown seems to sit comfortably in the middle, letting it all phase by. This newest video, for example, is really just him having fun and nothing more.

Chris Brown Is Starting To Feel Like A “Rizz God”



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For those of you unfamiliar, the video references some TikTok audios and challenges that “show you how to flirt.” Hence, the “Look At Me Now” star’s exaggerated facial expressions and overacting come off quite comical. However, nothing could’ve really predicted that Chris Brown would one day call himself a “Rizz God,” even though that’s exactly what he would do. While it’s often funny to see celebrities tap into viral trends or lingo, the polarizing conversation around him makes it tough to fully enjoy.

Still, he’ll continue his Europe tour dates throughout March, where fans can see the “rizz” for themselves. As an excellent overall performer, it should be a treat for his fans. However, it seems like more and more people are getting tired of his antics, so time will tell how his career legacy evolves.

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