Chloe Cherry, “Euphoria” Star, Allegedly Stole $28 Blouse

Chloe Cherry starred in one of HBO’s most popular shows, but that didn’t keep her out of conflict with the law. The craze around Euphoria propelled its stars into the spotlight, and Cherry rose to unprecedented heights of celebrity.

Despite appearing in over 200 pornographic films over her career, the former adult entertainment actress set her sights on the mainstream side of Hollywood.

According to Lancaster Online, Cherry was visiting her hometown in Pennsylvania when she was arrested. The outlet stated that Cherry was at Jenny & the Clowder, a space located at Building Character downtown. The actress reportedly took a $28 Moda International blouse into a dressing room but left without the shirt.

Cherry was said to have paid for “other items” but was questioned by an employee. The incident was captured on surveillance footage. Cherry allegedly “admitted to taking the blouse and returned it to an officer,” a complaint reads. Building Character owner Marty Hulse spoke with reporters about Cherry’s theft.


“Most times, when we find people who are shoplifting, we don’t find them in the act,” Hulse said. “They’ll take the tag off of it and throw it somewhere. Then we see the tag, and we can find them on the camera and where it came from, and that’s exactly what happened.”

Hulse and general manager Joel Henry claimed they didn’t know Cherry was a Hollywood star until police reached out to her mother. “I know it sounds piddly, but when it comes down to it, we’re all small businesses,” Hulse also stated. “You’re stealing from your neighbors.” However, Cherry’s rep told TMZ that this theft isn’t what it seems. They allege that the actress never admitted to stealing anything.

“In December, there was confusion over a blouse that wasn’t properly charged to my client’s credit card,” they said. “In no way did she ‘admit’ to taking the blouse, since that was not the case. This story seems to be more about a local store trading on a celebrity’s name more than anything else.”

Reports added that Cherry was allegedly involved in a similar theft in 2015. She is scheduled to face a judge in this case on March 1.

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