Blueface Responds To Chrisean Rock’s Consideration Of Abortion

Chrisean and Blueface Since December, Rock’s relationship has dominated our timelines. With the release of Crazy In Love, they became a celebrity pair that no one could ignore. But, things changed earlier this year when Rock revealed that she was pregnant with Blue’s child.

Most people would be thrilled to have a child together, but Blueface is not one of them. He’s recently stated that he’d prefer be her manager than a father, while Chrisean has stated that Blueface is envious if other guys, especially his rap colleagues, appear in her DMs.

Blueface initially dismissed her pregnancy announcement, claiming she slept around with other men throughout their relationship. However, Chrisean Rock explained that she’s had fertility issues because she had abortions while with Blueface. However, medical professionals later chimed in on the matter and claimed that there aren’t any links between abortions and future fertility. Nonetheless, it appears that Chrisean Rock does not want to have Blueface’s child anymore.

Blueface Responds To Chrisean Rock


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Between Blueface’s antics and her dwindling excitement surrounding parenthood, Chrisean Rock recently said that she’s considering an abortion. During an Instagram Live, Rock expressed her disappointment in Blueface, who she feels is playing him. “Damn, I might should just kill this baby,” Rock said. Immediately, fans leaped into the comments to show their support while others felt as if this feeling was a sign that she needed to leave Blueface.

Blueface didn’t oppose Chrisean Rock’s suggestion. In fact, he seemed to encourage it. “Do it please,” he wrote on Twitter. “I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody,” he continued, adding that Rock “don’t even take care of me like a woman should.” He explained that she’s fought other women on red carpet events while pregnant. “… Clearly not mentally fit to put their pride to the side for the better meant of their child,” he added. “Bitch at the club every night shaking ass pregnant I promise it’s been a no for me,” he continued. Check out all of Blueface’s tweets below.

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