Blueface Proposes $100K For Abortion, Chrisean Rock – “U Must Miss Me”

Just when you thought Blueface and Chrisean Rock might call it quits, the couple appears to be willing to persevere in the face of adversity. Chrisean Rock and Blueface, who have been together for a few years, have recently become the Internet’s most talked-about pair.

Their antics, as well as their Popular TV program, Crazy In Love, have raised eyebrows, especially since many feel the two are abusive to each other. Nevertheless, with a child on the way, these worries have gotten much more intense.

During a live stream, Chrisean Rock suggested that she would get an abortion, which seemed like some sort of attempt at gaining leverage on Blueface. However, the rapper didn’t push back but instead, offered to pay for the procedure. “I got 2 kids an 1 bm for a reason I don’t just have kids with anybody I’m real particular about the women I have children with,” he wrote on Twitter. “I don’t play about my kids an their well being nurture an care rock don’t even take care of me like a women should an I’m a grown man imagine a new born.”

Chrisean Rock Says Blueface Misses Her

Chrisean Rock later explained that she “only like da beef cuz it’s with my favorite person.” However, Blueface made it clear that he’s not the only person in the relationship that stirs up trouble. “But I’m the problem right I’m telling y’all she freaked out in the head,” he added. That’s when Chrisean Rock said that Blue is only tweeting about her right now because they’ve been apart for so long.


“No I’m just being honest u gotta miss me we literally tweeting back and forth like hey Daddy wassup. Besides all dat you doing u must miss me u literally typing on your phone to communicate to me,” she wrote. “at dis point I can’t wait to love on u wen I see u.” However, it seems as though that was the final back-and-forth of the night as Chrisean revealed that they finally blocked each other. Check out their back-and-forth below.

Chrisean’s Tweets

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