Australian Jewish Organizations Wish To Ban Kanye West From Country

Kanye West is believed to be visiting our pals in Australia in order to bond with his new in-laws, but Australia’s Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) wants the rapper to leave. Despite the fact that we haven’t heard much from West in recent weeks, his racially inappropriate and anti-Semitic words have left their influence on pop culture. The rapper has been barred from using many social media networks, and several lucrative commercial relationships have been terminated.

It was revealed that he allegedly married 27-year-old Bianca Censori, an architect that reportedly worked for Yeezy. The Australian designer is said to have wed West in a private ceremony. They have allegedly made their way to her home country to visit her relatives.

However, Australia Anti-Defamation Commission has penned a statement about the rapper’s visit. They want the country to ban West.

“Calling for violence and hate must have consequences, and Australia should not put out the welcome mat and provide a platform to a hatemonger who spews threats against the Jewish community and peddles conspiracy myths about Jewish power, greed and control,” Dr. Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the civil rights organization ADC, told Billboard.

“This kind of rhetoric is dangerous and has real-world consequences,” Abramovich also stated. “Given the more than 30 million followers that this person has and who may start believing that his demonization of the Jewish community and that they must act.”

“Allowing Kanye into Australia would also send the wrong signal about our nation and violate our core values of tolerance, diversity and respect. At a time of rising antisemitism in Australia and increasing vilification, his presence in the country, revolting anti-Jewish propaganda and incitement, and abhorrent rhetoric poses a significant risk to the Jewish community.

“On the basis of his record of demonization of the Jewish people (’death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE’) we urge Minister Giles to use his powers under section 501 of The Migration Act and refuse Kanye entry.”

The Australian Jewish Association also fired off an open letter asking for Ye to be blocked from entering the country.

“Antisemitism is at elevated levels in Australia, part of a worldwide trend. Multiple recent antisemitic incidents across Australia have specifically referenced Kanye West,” they said. “Including graffiti in Melbourne and leaflets in Brisbane.”

It is unclear if any steps will actually be taken. Meanwhile, West has not spoken about the rumors of his new marriage. It has been further suggested that West is currently working on his 2024 campaign for President of the United States.

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