Amber Rose Claims Kanye West Believed Nicki Minaj Killed Him On “Monster”

Amber Rose said Kanye West thought Nicki Minaj “killed him” on ‘Monster’

West’s ex-girlfriend recalled him praising Minaj after Rose recommended her.

Rose told The Ringer’s Higher Learning that West introduced Minaj to “Monster”

“Back then, he didn’t know Nicki. Nicki arrived at the studio and I played ‘Monster’ I saw her in the studio and thought, ‘Oh my god, this chick is fucking talented as hell.’ I told Kanye, ‘You need to get Nicki on ‘Monster,’ and he asked, ‘Who?’ What? No.’”


Rose said West wanted Minaj’s verse removed because it was too good. She added, “He asked how she killed him on his own song.

Rose recalled Kanye West and Nicki Minaj’s encounter on Complex’s Open Late in 2018, saying, “I believed in Nicki from the beginning.” I was with Kanye and told him, “Give her a shot, she’s amazing.” He tried it and gave her ‘Monster.’ “Damn, she fucked that sh*t,” he said.

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